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Sad Stories from Life in the Absence of Grace

Middle Eastern women who, for whatever reason, have lost their virginity prior to marriage face danger and difficult choices.


Tea Time?

Here's some food for thought: What if the Tea Party Movement was black?


 An Unexpected Tear-jerker

Yes, the anthropomorphism of a plastic grocery bag can break even this jaded heart. Have a go...


A link found between depression and chocolate consumption

Now that you're all teary-eyed, read this before heading for the chocolate comfort. Did I really need a study to tell me this? Let's hope the next study will prove causality....


rainydaytoys said…
I'm not sure I can agree with this solution to the middle eastern women's problem. This would still be starting off your marriage with a lie and the marriage would always be based on a lie. I don't believe in sexual relations before marriage but I also understand (it seems) most people don't have the strength to wait nor the faith in their partner to wait. And it truly makes me sad that the women are always to blame. the men want to be free to do whatever but the women must stay pure.
rainydaytoys said…
As for the tea party story, I have a hard time changing it from one race to another. There are good and bad people in every race and smart people and just plain nuts in all races.
What women of all faiths and cultures need to realize is that when you don't wait for marriage you're giving your future husband someone else's leftovers.

What men of all faiths and cultures need to realize is that when you don't wait for marriage you're giving your future wife someone else's leftovers.

What people of both genders and all faiths/cultures need to realize is that it's about self-respect and respect for your future mate.

That being said, it's a personal issue. It's for the individual to live with the consequences emotionally and physically. NOT for others to decide they can condemn or punish.
Laurie M. said…
Yes, the double standard is unconscionable. Unfortunately for women, we are far more likely to bear the evidence of sexual activity, in the form of blood or pregnancy. The proof tends to remain with us. Men can walk away and deny involvement with a word. My real concern, though, is that there is no room for forgiveness. There is no place here for grace for sinners, and especially for women caught in sin. (I can't help but think of the impact Jesus' response, in a similar culture, to the woman caught in the act of adultery must have been.)

Also there is little hope in particular for the many who lose their virginity against their will. It is the word of a woman against a man, in the face of great shame and fear of dreadful repercussions. Such women are trapped in a world of hopeless and fearful secrecy. This is the plight of all of us apart from grace...
One of my online friends knew someone who went to work in Saudi as a nurse. She was raped. They arrested her and executed her because it was just her word against his...assuming they even tried to find the guy, that is.
Laurie M. said…
I've heard of stories like these, and this is exactly what I had in mind when I posted this. The stakes are higher than most of us in more western settings can imagine. Where there is no grace desperation reigns.

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