Riches to Share

It's been a long while since I've offered up a collection of influences that have had significance in my recent life. That is partly a result of there being fewer of them. I am spending more time in Scripture and a few good books, and less spreading the internet dragnet. So what I have here is close to six months' accumulation.

Sanctity of Life

Because today is known as "Sanctity of Life" Sunday. I've chosen to begin the list with my own testimony regarding abortion first published here a year ago.

Christian Discernment

This sermon series on Christian discernment was preached in the church I attend, and has transformed my life, teaching me how to discern what teachings, teachers, and ideas of all kinds and all sources to submit my conscience to. I'm still integrating the things I've learned through it and am becoming increasingly able to take my own thoughts and ideas captive to the obedience of Christ, as well as taking responsibility for the maintaining of a healthy conscience.

Christian Discernment, by Pastor Matthew Raley
The following is a blog entry from Dan at Cerulean Sanctum which complements the series above nicely:  Making Sense of Confusing Voices

Honoring God with your Wealth

It's a rare day when I've heard a sermon focused on financial matters in the Christian life which has left me feeling blessed and encouraged. Yet I spent two rare Sundays at the beginning of this year  doing just that. See if you aren't blessed as well.

Loving Disagreement

Finally, a short blog entry from John Armstrong, a man whose ministry and heart for unity in the body of Christ has been an ongoing source of encouragement for me:  On Delivering Reproof in Love.


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