There Sits a Man Enthroned in Heaven

There Sits a Man Enthroned in Heaven
 by Laurie Mathers

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Almighty God revealed from Heaven
eternal wisdom in all that He made,
He carved into man His own divine image,
and granted him freedom, to will and obey.

In ancient days Satan worshiped in Heaven.
Gorgeous, he directed the worship of all,
until the sight of his lovely reflection,
puffed him with pride and led to his fall.

Straight to mankind he took his deception:
Sweetness is found in what God forbids;
His command is intended to keep you from wisdom
To rob you of glory and true godliness.

From that moment forward man's discontent grew
with all of creation and God's precious words.
That day revelation was robbed of its blessing,
God's beautiful voice had uttered a curse.

Still God had his plan and left mankind a promise:
a seed from the woman would crush Satan's head.
Creation would return to singing God's glory
and God's living Word would give life to the dead.

In Christ God rejoins mankind with His image,
in time through a woman His Son would be born
In death He would bear the curse of the many
in new life reveal God's power and His love.

There now sits a Man enthroned in the Heavens,
interceding forever for humankind there.
What dignity God has bestowed on His people
to be clothed in their flesh and bearing their prayers.


Disjecta Membra said…
I absolutely love this!
Simple Mann said…
I think you may be more of a poet than you know.

Thanks for this!

Simple Mann
Laurie M. said…
Thanks Simple Mann. You can thank my dear husband for always encouraging me to try new things. Hopefully time and practice will add richness to my efforts.

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