Sometimes life gets hairy

Casa Mathers has been a busy place lately!
On top of our usual commitments (not to mention our unusual ones) we have been left with a few more.
Well, two actually.

there's Lil' Compy, 
my daughter's chihuahua.
Ever wonder what happens
when pit bull meets chihuahua?
Well, wonder no further. 
Welcome to bedtime
with Ginger and Chompy....*

And next, meet Desi...

a whole other species of amazing.
There's no one else quite like him...

a cat who purrs like a pigeon,
speaks when spoken to...

and expects to be spoken to. 
Suddenly our other cats
seem positively void of personality!

Now, for the rest of the story. As many of you know, Paul and I were already living at critical pet mass. We were each sworn, individually and as a marital unit, not to allow another critter, no matter how pitiful or cute, into our crowded abode. But then my daughter, who just graduated from college, Summa Cum Laude, with degrees in Liberal Studies and Linguistics (okay, yes, I'm ridiculously proud of her!) was offered the just-out-of-college-wish-I-could-join-the-Peace Corps-but-their-waiting-list-is-years-long job of her dreams: five months teaching English in the Democratic Republic of Georgia.  Yes, they're paying her to travel to this former Soviet republic, and to live there for five months! But they would not do the same for her pets, and, really, how could her doting family possibly refuse them?

So now we are sharing 1100 sq. ft. with two and a half adults, (My 19 year old son still keeps all his stuff here, and lives here himself when he finds the time.) three dogs, four cats, and carpet that grows more disgusting with each moment that passes. The good news is that Lil' Chompy is learning to pee outside or on his pad instead of just wherever.

Just for giggles, here is the rest of our menagerie:


Top to bottom: Napoleon (I wish you could see his golden eyes!), Schubert ("Who me? Sweet innocent me? Eat cat poop? ...), Mango the magnifiCAT, and Agnes the gentle - rescued animals one and all.

*Apologies for the quality of these videos and pictures. They are all from my cell phone. I haven't mastered Paul's new camera yet, so I'm sticking with what I know.


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