Missing you

I miss my friends. I miss my blog. I miss the joy of wondering out loud and sharing things I'm learning.

I'm busy with work and other projects I'm not at liberty to discuss which are taking up almost every moment of my "free" time, that is, the time I would usually spend writing here. I barely even have the time to read what others are writing.

Many exciting things are happening, too, which I am also not free to discuss.  But I trust that when this season of hard work and rapid change, and crazy-unexpected-answers-to-prayer has passed, God will fill my heart with words of hope and encouragement to share.

For now I can say that God is faithful and hears and answers prayer. And even better news than that is that the Gospel is true and it is good news. Today I heard the Gospel proclaimed. I hadn't quite noticed that through the busy work week I'd been slowly suffocating, that is until I breathed in the clean brisk air of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it flowed from the lips of the preacher this morning.

Look to Christ. Focus on Him. Our hope, our future, our love, our peace, our unity, are all found in Him, and Him alone.


Hydriotaphia said…
Another short but inspiring post, Laurie. It seems as if the rapidly changing material demands of life these days are forcing many from sharing their thoughts and to place their blog writing on the back-burner.
Laurie M. said…
That is how it is right now Kevin. Thanks for understanding. Lord willing, I'll have time for writing again in June.
Betsy Markman said…
I fully understand! It's only the world that says you have to treat blogging like a business and "put out" all the time. There are seasons when God has us doing other things. I know He will bless this season of your life, and I'm sure the blogging will come back in due time.

That said, we DO miss you!

Greatly looking forward to hearing of God's blessing in your lives.

It is so good to hear some joy in your prose.

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