Humility's Seeds

Humility's seeds

are sown in horror,

in stomachs refusing to eat,

in hearts refusing to hope

in minds refusing release

from the terror

of wrongs which cannot be undone.

Humility's seeds

spread roots

in souls tilled by torment

in nights turning sleepless

in flight seeking cover

from the shame

of trust which cannot be regained.


Cat said…
One of my writer pals tells me I have an awesome sense of what works and a great no-BS detector. With that in mind:

Whenever you write, you amaze me.

You are stronger than you might think, in a lot of ways, I suspect, my friend.
WhiteStone said…
God faithfully brings us low. And then he faithfully reassures us that we are (still...and in spite of our deeds) His alone. That is the great promise, the great good news, the gospel. We belong to Christ. And in our humility of smallness we see the grandness of his glory.

Your poem is well written.
Laurie M. said…
Judy, Exactly! His strength is made perfect in weakness. Sometimes He brings/allows the moments that remind us just how weak we truly are, and that it is only He who ultimately upholds us.
Laurie M. said…

What can I say?

Good poem. I like how you start with the stomach. It's mundane and unexpected at once.
Laurie M. said…
Thanks Christopher,
The stomach's where it starts, and much like the source of the terror, it's mundane and unexpected at once! Well said.
Obaging said…
I like the second half of the poem about how its roots can be spread in various conditions. It serves as a hope in negative situations (or so it appears to me).

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