The Idea of You

or the Idea of You
by Laurie Mathers
Just a minute,
I'm reading about You

Wait a second,
I'm talking about You

Hold on,
I'm writing about You

Be right there,
I'm debating about You

Maybe tomorrow
I'll have time for you

You're so important to me.
Oh how I love You!


rainydaytoys said…
This is beautiful and unfortunatly all too true. People may think about you but they never have enough time to actually talk to you.
Laurie M. said…
Well, Dixie, this arose from reflecting on my relationship with Christ over the years.

The current series of sermons at church (and, as it happens, in Sunday School) is on the importance of devotion to the Scriptures (God's words to us) in the Christian life. I got to thinking of the times I've filled my time doing things "about God" but not seeking Him in prayer and His word.

The extension of this idea to human relationships, is, however, valid. In fact, the Scriptures tell me that if I claim to love God and do not love others I am a liar. (And it is in the Scriptures that I am taught to love others - even my enemies.)

Unfortunately, not one of us is perfect at love, whether it be love for God or our fellowman. We claim to love others, yet our actions prove what we really love most is ourselves. (Or perhaps I should speak for myself.) At any rate, I cannot judge another man's heart, but I can seek to be honest with myself and look to Christ to make the changes in me that I hope He will make in others as well.
WhiteStone said…
Laurie, in the clearness of your words, you made me smile. Not that this is a smiley thing (to say I love you and never actually "love"), but that this is such a clear (and concisely written) statement about our (own) failure to love in the way we are commanded.

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