Spiritual Depression

Due to an absolutely unexpected (aren't they all?) spiritual crisis, I was recently reminded to re-read a book I read about seven years ago. It has helped me immensely, cutting to the heart of my trouble within the first few chapters and giving me the tools use to combat my out-of-control thoughts. I can recommend it more highly than anything I've written here. In fact, if you struggle with depression, or are in a crisis of your own, I recommend you read this book immediately. This is the first and only book on the subject of depression/spiritual warfare that has ever been of any help to me. It is far more useful than anything I've ever written here (and tempts me to delete all my own writings on the subject!).


mercygraceword said…
Please do not delete your own writings - people comprehend truth differently with different voices and I found your writing very helpful (to take nothing away from Martyn Lloyd-Jones :o)

Thank you
Laurie M. said…
Thanks for the kind remarks. I will leave my words where they are. I do have to say, however, that I really did consider it! My dear husband talked me out of doing it.
John Child said…
Good to see you writing again on depression even if brief and to recommend Lloyd-Jones - probably the only book I have read on depression. I read it so long ago I cannot even remember what he said except he expounded part of Philippians.

Yes, please don't delete any of your writings on depression. Your first few sharing your experience were particularly helpful and dealt with problems and therapies Lloyd-Jones didn't cover though he may have covered similar problems and therapies. One needs to read the personal stories and the Scriptural exposition.

Since you're gifted at summarizing and reviewing it would be good for you and your readers if you could summarize and interact with L-J's book and especially those first few chapters.

And if you ever lose your mind and delete your writings on depression I have a copy of most of them! Must check I've copied the last few parts.

Have a good night; hope the foot doesn't feel too sore.


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