Ever dream of moving to Switzerland?

"...anglers must learn to catch fish humanely. Fish can't be kept in aquariums that are transparent on all sides. The fish need some shelter. Nor can goldfish be flushed down a toilet to an inglorious end; they must first be anesthetized with special chemicals, and then killed."

Curious? Read the context here: http://www.albertmohler.com/blog_read.php?id=2619


Andy C said…
Amazing. I had a quote from seminary in a recent post that touched this very issue. Prudent stewardship of what God has given us in creation can be carried way too far.

I would not want to be a Venus flytrap in Switzerland! (Well, no where else either, but at least I would not have to worry about possibly going on the lam).
Laurie M. said…
I love God's creatures, great and small - one step through my front door would make that clear to anyone. Unfortunately, when there's no distinction permitted between human life and other forms nothing makes sense any more. I keep thinking of that Aesop's Fable where the old man and the little boy end up carrying the donkey in the end.

By the way, do you have German Shepherds? (I'm guessing by your userpic.)
Andy C said…
Yes, one. That's my big old guy. From the Czech republic.

I just like the picture. Seem to have an aversion to putting up pics of myself.

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