My sentiments exactly!

“The longer I live the less optimistic I am that I will end without sin and the more grateful I become for the blood of Christ imputed to me. As I grow older I do not feel myself becoming gloriously holy but I find myself feeling great love for the gospel.”

- John Piper, in a message given at the re:Focus pastors conference


Debbie said…
I know in myself what a sinner I am. But then I'm so grateful for His love and grace for me in Jesus. The more that hits home for more as I get older, the more love I have for Him. And the greater desire I have to live IN HIM.
Karin said…
Wow, I sure needed to read that TODAY! I feel stuck as of late - a prerequisite to getting unstuck. I feel in a desert place - a prerequisite to drinking at the springs of living water. I feel God-hungry - a prerequisite to feasting at the banquet table. No, I cannot get myself unstuck, quench my own thirst, and so on.
On HE can meet all my needs. Today I'm just BEING still - not DOING anything and I trust HIM to do in me what needs doing. Thanks so much for this!

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