Take 10 minutes

to hear the best news in the world for scoundrels like us - news so good it almost seems too good to be true:

(The rest of the interview is also available on YouTube. Check out the sidebar there when you're done watching.)


WhiteStone said…
Great presentation of the gospel. Thanks, Laurie.
LiNdSeY said…
Mrs. Laurie, thank you for posting this. I wish I had a device in my ear that would automatically preach this to me every morning, as i was waking up! My self righteousness does me so much more harm than my sin ever will! Thank you!
Laurie M. said…
Linsdsey, you're not alone. It helps to remember that self-righteousness is just as much sin as the "sins" we sin. It is accepting, believing, and living a lie - the lie being that such a thing as self-righteousness is possible. The serpent convinced Eve that we could be like God (It's good to want to be godly, right?)using our own means. Our pride tells us we can and should make ourselves clean enough to stand before a holy God. It's interesting that it is the self-righteous Pharisees that John the Baptist and Jesus referred to as vipers (poisonous serpents). They were selling the same lie that the serpent was selling in the garden - that you can be godly by a different method than the means provided by God.

Self-righteousness is, I think, the most dangerous sin of all, especially for professing Christians. I find it trying to rear its ugly head in my life time and time again. That's why I'm forever preaching the gospel. I need it every minute, too.

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