I got tagged for a book meme.

By David over at http://www.boomerinthepew.com/.

"Here's how it works: I am supposed to pick up the nearest book with at least 123 pages, turn to the 123rd page, find the 5th sentence, and then post the three sentences immediately after that. "

So, I'm seated dead even in between a set of Funk & Wagnalls Dictionaries, and Martin Luther's, Bondage of the Will. For the sake of making it potentially interesting, I've chosen the latter. Here are my three sentences:

"But even supposing the same works be attributed to God and to man - what do these similitudes prove? Nothing more, than that the creature co-operates with the operating God! But are we now disputing about co-operation, and not rather concerning the power and operation of 'Free-will,' as of itself!"

How do you like them apples?

It is now my duty to tag 5 more hapless victims. Let me not be found to be slack in any duty!

I tag:

If anyone else wants to play, jump right in. If anyone doesn't, my feelings will be fine.


jeri said…
O.k., Laurie, I'll go to work on it!
Angela said…
OK, I finally did the meme. See you tomorrow!

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