More treasures from the obscure book pile

This time it's from a pamphlet called Treasures dated March 1955 and distributed by The Hoover-Miner Funeral Home in Wabash, Indiana.

Man Wanted!
Wanted: A man for hard work and rapid promotion; a man who can find things to be done without the help of a manager and three assistants.
A man who gets to work on time in the morning and does not imperil the lives of others in an attempt to be first out of the office at night.
A man who listens carefully when he is spoken to and asks only enough questions to ensure the accurate carrying out of instructions.
A man who moves quickly and makes as little noise as possible about it.
A man who looks you straight in the eye and tells the truth every time.
A man who does not pity himself for having to work.
A man who is neat in appearance.
A man who does not sulk for an hour's overtime in emergencies.
A man who is cheerful, courteous to everyone, and determined to make good.
This man is wanted everywhere. Age or lack of experience does not count. There isn't any limit, except his own ambition, to the number or size of the jobs he can get. He is wanted in every business.
----Industrial Management Bulletin


Andy C said…
What? And no comment that the only man with those qualifications is a woman?

How did you resist the temptation?
jeri said…
That's funny, andy c!

I've enjoyed these bits from your bookcase, laurie. Congratulations on tackling a postponed task. (Does this mean your kitchen is finished?)
Laurie M. said…

I'll have to admit, that thought never crossed my mind in the first place. I took the article to speak to a general work ethic and didn't think twice about the gender reference. I'm a bit old-school in that regard. Gender references don't affect me much. Nor am I offended by the desire to have a man fill a position, though that's no longer considered appropriate. I'm actually a bit annoyed by the modern abandonment in written works of the universal "him" & "man" when speaking of mankind in general (saying "him or her" all the time is tiresome). I generally assume "man" to mean mankind. Aren't you glad you asked?

I wish it meant that. I'm slow as mud these days. And I prefer not to tackle projects like that at night. So the evening is when I do book stuff, usually. I am hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving, or at the very latest, Christmas.
Lynn Cross said…
I found treasures too today!!! Some material some spiritual. It is so very fun having a blog pal like you. Have a great sabbath. Lynn

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