On November 10...

five hundred and twenty-five years ago was born a man who, by the providence of God, changed the world, Martin Luther. On that same date twenty years ago was born my daughter, Gina. What the hand of providence has in store for her remains to be seen, but, ironically enough and in spite of her Italian heritage, she will soon begin studying German, as part of her new major, Linguistics. My hope is that she, too, will leave a beautifully indelible little footprint of her own on the history of humanity.


jeri said…
Awww...that's lovely. Happy birthday to your little daughter, and amen to your hope.

And a great big shout out of gratitude for that other Nov. 10 birthday.
Debbie said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter. That's a great date to share with Martin Luther.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have to share a story with you about my infertility. I had been asked to be a children's leader in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I wasn't sure why they asked me since I had no experience with having my own children. But I agreed to talk to my husband and to pray about it. I felt led to say yes. The first time I taught the Bible lesson to a group of little four year olds, they all crowded around me and gave me a group hug. I was so touched and felt the Lord whisper to me that He never forgot my desire for children and that this was His gift. It was an awesome moment. I had the privilege of teaching children in that program for seven years and loved it.

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