The law and the gospel

"The law is for the self-righteous, to humble their pride: the gospel is for the lost, to remove their despair." -C.H. Spurgeon
HT to Bryan Gumpy

Thank God for the Gospel!


Curtis said…
I think it was George Whitefield who said to preach 90% law, 10% grace.

The law must be preached to breack the hard heart, and the gospel to heal the broken heart. Thank God for the pwoer of the gospel, the whole gospel, the One true Gospel, Jesus Chrsit.
Curtis said…
Sorry for spelling...I typr too fast for my own good... :B
Laurie M. said…
Hi Curtis, thanks for stopping by.

The "90% law" quote is from John Wesley.
But here's a great message from Spurgeon on the uses of the law:
Debbie said…
The law exposes sin. The self-righteous try to measure themselves by how well they keep the rules. As much as people try to keep the rules, they can't because of their sin nature. Only Jesus could live a pure, sinless righteous life.

The Gospel is our only hope. When we realize we can't keep the rules perfectly, and sin = death; we're doomed. The Gospel is for the lost but you first need to know you're lost and a sinner with no hope.

Once you get to that point and receive the free gift of salvation, you can be free from the penalty of sin and have peace with God. Receiving the Holy Spirit and death to self-effort removes despair. I can't but He can in me and through me. To God be the glory!
jeri said…
Love the Spurgeon sermon. Thanking God along with all of you "He has hushed the Law's loud thunder" through Christ.

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