Monday Meanderings

I happened upon a lot of really interesting stuff this week. I hope you'll enjoy my finds as much as I did.

Jewelry Diplomacy

"In her new book, Read My Pins, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright reveals that she used jewelry as a diplomatic tool during her years with the Clinton administration."

Check out the story, and a slide show of some of her pins here.

The value of scholarship in the original Biblical languages

Is the Era of Age Segmentation Over?

A researcher argues that the future of youth ministry will require bringing the generations together. This informative and thought provoking article from Leadership Journal is a must read for all interested in ministry to children and youth.

Imprecatory Psalms

Here are a few thoughts from John Piper on those Psalms that make you cringe.

What's Baby Thinking?

For all you new mommies and mom's to be, here's an interesting discussion about what goes on in the minds of young infants. Though the scientist speaks from an evolutionary presupposition, I've no doubt you'll find the information fascinating nonetheless: WNYC - Radiolab � After Birth

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Does One Word Really Impact the Doctrine of God?

Don't be intimidated. A little church history mixed with a little doctrinal discussion makes for an interesting and satisfying dish. Here's some food for thought on the doctrine of the Trinity.

To him who overcomes...

In 1542 a German Catholic, Eustache Knobelsdorf, witnessed the execution of a young Protestant. He preserved his thoughts on the episode in writing.


jeri said…
On age segregation in the church--I hate it more and more. What a terrible thing we've done to our families and to the church at large in so many ways through this. When you really see it for what it is, it is appalling.

Good meanderings Laurie.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the links, Laurie. I have a couple of comments.

1) Intergenerational worship is a hot-button topic at our church. There are some pretty strong feelings on both sides of the issue. That's a helpful article. I'm going to pass it along.

2) Our pastor preached an excellent sermon a couple of years ago on one of the imprecatory Psalms. Unfortunately, it was before we had digital audio capability, but you can get the gist of it from his abbreviated manuscript, here.
Laurie M. said…
Thanks for your input, Barry and Jeri.

We have integrated worship in our church - a big word that just means the kids sit with the parents, and we don't have children's Sunday School. We have a "feeding of the Lambs" portion during the main service when the children come to the front and sit around the pastor and hear a scaled down childrens' version of the sermon. They also rehearse a few catechism questions at that time. It seems to work out just fine, and the little ones learn fairly quickly how to sit quietly, doodling or whatever. I don't have a lot of strong feelings about it, not having children at home anymore. But I'm inclined to think this way is better, allowing children to grow their way into the congregation gradually, building relationships with people of all ages.

Barry, thanks for the link. I'll check it out when I get a moment.

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